Thanks for the Memories by Cecelia Ahern

A friend from Vienna (paging Ate Maj) often instagrams Cecelia Ahern books and so I got curious as to why she liked it so much.


After a 33-year-old woman named Joyce Conway goes through a miscarriage (she lost a lot of blood), she bluntly steers her life around. What she did was, she cut her hair real short, decided to divorce her husband for good and went back to live with her old and forgetful father while she tries to find herself.

Joyce started acquiring memories of Justin Hitchcock.

Justin Hitchcock is a recently divorced man who is giving lectures at a university in Dublin. Though he has a huge phobia of needles, he was successfully coaxed by Dr. Sarah Fields (a co-lecturer and a potential date) to donate blood. He wanted badly to know the very person who benefits from receiving his blood.

When Justin meets Joyce for the first time at the hair salon, there was a very indescribable and strong force that draws her to him.

Through back and forth plane rides from Dublin to London, the story of the illogical pursuit of finding someone you never really knew or met, of finding love, begins.


You know, I've already read a lot of YA novels who evokes strongly of mature or sensitive content. It just makes me think about this one, a novel whose target audience are of the middle-aged (since the characters are somewhat within that bracket). This book is light, an easy and safe read. How ironic, isn't it?

It was a fine book to pass the time. Although, I was looking for something stark to whisk me away. Still... thanks for the memories Cecelia Ahern!


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