Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

Only an author with the name of "rainbow" can make such a marvelous love story like Eleanor & Park.


Eleanor, an eccentric and chubby redhead encounters a Korean boy named Park in the school bus.

Although their first impressions of each other were negative, their friendship improves while the story progresses. They easily became fond of each other despite the conflicting circumstances they are in.

Soon enough, they are falling in love!

Now why is Eleanor reluctant of their blooming relationship?


The ending is just... I have no words for it! I was impatient because I had to read 58 chapters of Eleanor & Park, it was that long. I want to finish it fast, I want to know what happens in the end immediately. I almost gave up but something told me it would be worth the eye stress.

And I tell you, it was well worth every eye cramp! I could live another 58 chapters for that ending. Those endings make my life meaningful.


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