Fifty Shades Freed by E.L. James

In the last of the trilogy, Fifty Shades Freed starts with the middle of the honeymoon. The couple traveled around Europe then got back to their lives as newlyweds in the real world.

Ana had a conflict with Christian because of her decision to keep Steele as her last name.

Ray gets into an accident.

Anastasia discovers she's pregnant and Christian was very shocked and mad.

Mia was kidnapped by Jack and Ana will do something heartbreaking in order to save her sister-in-law.

Will she survive? Will the baby survive? Will Christian accept to be a father?


It's very hypocritical now if I say this wasn't worth my time. I read it through the very end, obviously there's something. Though I might agree to some bloggers who said that Ana's character who seemed to be against materialism is somewhat materialistic in reality. She loved the luxury. I mean, who doesn't?

The character build-up is contradicting, that's all.

Every reader here knows that Christian Grey was the reason, to the very end, he was why. He was why people stuck to reading this. He was the kind of lover women wanted. Though a real Christian Grey might not be as desirable in reality as in the book, we needed Anastasia as guinea pig to get us through the romantic parts. 

He was the right kind of tool James had to create for the hopelessly loveless. He was perfect because he had it all. The character had the power to make Ana feel so much wanted, the audience felt so much wanted as well. Ana didn't have to be such a bland character, she was made for everyone to relate to. For every girl to be Ana while reading it. I wanted much more out of her. It lost its touch.

You can't presume readers to believe that there's an intelligent 21-year-old virgin who is said to be very beautiful and surrounded by suitors, works in a hardware store and doesn't have a laptop or a cellphone. And honestly, besides the 3-time divorced mom and a step-dad Ana's still emotionally attached to, the first sentence before this one are the only facts you will ever know about Anastasia Steele.

The ending of this one was left hanging by the author. We'll see but I doubt it. 

Fifty Shades Darker by E.L. James

In the first book of the trilogy (Fifty Shades of Grey), Christian has pushed Ana too far. Ana decides to break-up with Christian and the story continues to the next.


Five days after the break-up and Ana is very much depressed. Having lost a lot of weight and all, she needs to get on with her life and work.

Upon going to her first day of internship at SIP, she receives an e-mail from Christian regarding their plan to go to Jose's exhibit. Ana is alarmed since she has no choice of transportation in order to attend. She accepts Christian's plan and they meet.

After the exhibit, they have dinner and talk about their relationship. Christian Grey wants to get back together and try again.

Alas, they did get back together. With Grey's past and demons unraveling before Anastasia's eyes, she remains with him.

Christian proposes and the life of their marriage lies on to the next, Fifty Shades Freed.


I don't know what to say about this Fifty Shades Trilogy. At least with the Twilight Saga, the world Stephenie made is new, original, exciting and full of history. With this one, it's pure romance and sensation. Because of too much love, the characters lose their good judgement. I think any sane reader will agree to that. If the guy's too jealous and possessive and wants to beat the shit out of you(which is stated in the book), I'm sure as hell that's not love.

I know that the emotional side of Christian Grey is to be considered as to how you judge his new venture with love for Anastasia, but it's NOT sending a positive message to the people who'll be reading.

I guess this is definitely one of those that you'd read, just to get over with it.

Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James

Wow. This book's phenomena is certainly not surprising. As a teenager, I'm not very proud that I've read it. My parents would never have allowed me to. But I was curious. I have my book-lover friends who've read the whole trilogy and they loved it! I just gotta get on this bandwagon.


Anastasia Steele interviews the very rich, powerful, young and handsome Christian Grey for the university newspaper as her best friend Katherine Kavanagh can't make it due to flu.

The very first meet and they're both set on fire.

A few more meetings, either by chance or intentional, they enjoyed each other's company very well.

But it has its downsides.

Grey offers Ana a contract she finds very disturbing. A contract of commitment. One she definitely must refuse but can't.

This broken and beautiful man, a damaged past, is violent in sex. He is not capable of love.
Or is he?


This is the adult version of Twilight, I mean seriously. Every bit of detail in the romance genre minus the vulgar and salacious sex, is Edward and Bella. Even Mia, Christian's sister, also like Alice!

What the book lacked on originality atoned on the sensation. You can't help but wish that somehow somewhere, Christian Grey has a heart. The ending of this book, my my, any reader would want to read the next immediately.

The Giver by Lois Lowry

Such a timeless book. To think, it was 1993 when this book was first published, 2years before I was born! And what a sensation it has put me through!


With Jonas as the protagonist, the story starts anticipating the month of December. In this artificial universe, every December is the birthday of every children. From the first year where they name each baby(Naming, as they call it) and hand them one by one to a Family Unit up to the age of 12-years-old where the annual recognition of growth stops, this community celebrates for two days with such glee at the Auditorium.

When Elevens turns to Twelves, each child is given their official niche in society. Jonas starts worrying what role he will get because there's none particular that he's much invested in.

The December he's been waiting for has finally arrived. Led by the lady Chief Elder, the transitions of ages went on. After Jonas' lively and animated best friend Asher received his badge as Assistan Director of Recreation and sweet and gentle Fiona(his close friend and crush) assigned as Caretaker of Old People, the Chief Elder seemed to have skipped Jonas out.

At last, after every Eleven has been called, she calls Jonas. She apologizes to the audience and Jonas and went on to explain. Jonas is The Reciever-to-be.

The Reciever's job is to keep every bit of emotion like sadness and agony so the whole community is spared of them and that when things is out-of-order, the wise Reciever is present for instant advice.

Having only one Reciever for each generation, Jonas becomes the apprentice of the current one. Their sessions began and the secret of their world he never knew was made known to him.

He started seeing colors, having intense feelings like love and pain, then he starts to wonder about the credibility of the world he's in.

Jonas was motivated to make a change and right the wrong.


Having been published since the early 90's, I must say that after reading this one, it's still as new and original to me as any other book I've read. Sure, there are countless similarities to The Hunger Games but that book is younger and that The Giver is still the most demanding of the two.

It demanded so much from me! It made me think. What kind of world it is without hurt and sorrow? What is peace if we don't know war? And the very important one, how does ANYONE live without love?

Lois Lowry is one for the Revolutionary!

Once was Lost by Sara Zarr

This one seemed to have the same paternal character as the last one I read which was Claiming Georgia Tate. Pastors and their preaching! So many stories you could make out of them.


Samara Taylor, a 15-year-old girl is experiencing a summer that's quite disappointing. Her father Pastor Charlie is busy with church work and her alcoholic mother Laura, is in rehab for her 4-week-program.

Sam is left to fend for herself, with her needs being neglected at home, she deals with it alone. Her situation only worsened when 13-year-old Jody Shaw, a church choir soloist and Sam's friend, went missing. Her father being the pastor has no choice but to be there for the Shaw family every step of the way. He becomes their official spokesperson.

She is left to spend most of her time with best friends Vanessa and Daniel. Eventually, when Pastor Charlie's hectic job severed, she was sent to live with Vanessa's family for a while.

Sam who got more confused and depressed develops doubt to God who she's believed in her whole life.

Will she have her faith back? What is the real intention of Nick Shaw(Jody's bro) towards her? Why is Erin, the youth group leader, so close with her father? When is her mom coming back?


Judging on the cover, this book was really not what anyone will expect it to be. I thought it was some cutesy teenage love story with lots of kissing and whatnot. I liked this one better than the said misconception.

It's a nice story, is all I can say. There are a few unresolved situations that are very thought-provoking. Like Erin and Pastor Charlie. It makes you think about it, it's annoying how much thought one can have about whatever they were. They were indefinite, it's up to the readers and their morals.

Finished this in less than 8hours and a good book will never be a waste of time.

Claiming Georgia Tate by Gigi Amateau

Bought this from BOOKSALE for only 45pesos!

This is a story about a 12-year-old girl who lives with her grandparents. Georgia Tate, with a strict christian way of life because of her Grandaddy Tate who's a preacher, begins a chapter of her life where she discovers the cruelty of this world.

She soon finds out the truth behind her mother's tragedy and before she, Nana and Grandaddy Tate can talk about it, Nana dies.

Grandaddy Tate decides to send Georgia to live with her father. What he doesn't know is why it's a wrong move for Georgia and the real reason why Nana let her go home so quickly the last time she was with him.


Disturbing and inspiring, this novel is definitely one of the few brave stories out there. I love the innocence of Georgia in every narration. I love her spirit and faith to God. It's not so often anymore that I see girls as pure-hearted as she is in real life. How the world has changed!

Claiming Georgia Tate tried to touch every sensitive subject as it can and it did so, very effortlessly.

There's gender and race equality, gay rights, religion and last but not the least, liberation. Georgia's best friend Ginger, that very naughty girl is the symbolism of liberation here. Though two girls are the very opposite of each other, they still get along and Georgia even admires her.

It's a proof that, you have to be all kinds of things to experience what it really is to be human. To gain the substance of living you have to have a God, a cause or belief, understanding and also the natural manner of self-growth from everything you have become.

Gigi Amateau's first novel delivered well.

Broken Soup by Jenny Valentine

I've seen this one at a blog post where it was somewhat captioned... 
"Best YA books you have never read!"
I have a compulsion for things that are wonderful. This book was worth it.


The setting is in London and the life of Rowan Clark after the death of her beloved brother Jack is told.

A mother that is still depressed, an absent father and a 6-year-old sister named Stroma to take care of, Rowan who suddenly matured goes through life like grace under pressure.

Until one day when a boy gives her something that he insists is hers, the course of her story changes.

That something which she never knew she owned or had is a negative photo of her brother Jack.

Where did that negative film come from? Is her brother sending her a message? Who is this guy who gave her the negative? Where is he from? Who is this new girl in school named Bee?


Wow, I tried my best to make this review as minimal as it can get. The more you tell all about this story, the more you give away the things readers should get themselves.

My opinion about the book is that the story is constructed in a way that will keep anyone going. It's a good book. Borderline on almost being unrealistic to being a-little-bit-believable, then again what can I say when most of the time truth is stranger than fiction.

I love Stroma! What a cute and precocious little girl. Sorry to the romantics out there but in my opinion, Harper Greene will not come back anymore. My interpretation is that he'll go places, live the dream, meet a lot of girls and all the while still holding Rowan in his heart but never planning to go back. I don't know but I'm just the kind of person who thinks that people who are unattached will always be unattached.

And it is far more romantic to remain where you are, away from the one you once loved who already built a life without you.

Journal: The Short Life and Mysterious Death of Amy Zoe Mason by Kristine Atkinson & Joyce Atkinson

It was around either 2009 or early 2010 and I found this lost on the Sale table at National Bookstore in SM Southmall. I found out that it wasn't part of the "sale", I got rigged alright. It costs 719pesos! But the book itself seemed so interesting. It was an art and a mystery at the same time, so I bought it anyways.

As the book emphasizes so on the cover, it is indeed a Journal. This is the diary of Amy Zoe Mason. With this beautifully Altered Book(it's suppose to be an old book with torn yellow pages so someone altered it to be a journal and sold it), she writes the happenings of her life. From her kids Susan and Alex to her very attractive husband Bob, she makes an art out of it.

She releases the artist in her by scrap-booking and attaching email print-outs and self-confessions.

But wait!
Who is this Vanessa Garamond?
Why is she suddenly in their lives?
Why does Amy feel so vigilant about her?


I love this book, to be really honest. It might lack some out-of-this-world-oh-my-goodness-I-never-saw-it-coming flair but it's STILL very engaging.

A vintage and sophisticated book. The art inside is so beautiful. Your eyes are fed well with every page. With Amy's fortune cookie messages and other quotes inside, I fell for it immediately and decided that the money was worth it. My copy of this book is very much mint conditioned!

I love how she tries to erase the words she typed on the typewriter by overlapping it with x's. You can still read it if you look closely, her cussing is so human.

Vanessa with Auburn red hair at the end: Hilarity!

This is my first re-read and reminiscing with this one is still quite a pleasure!

Let it Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson & Lauren Myracle

I know it's not yet Christmas but I can't help it. I've had this book for more than 2months already and that's just about the farthest I can withhold the yearning!


The book contains 3 interconnected stories.

Story #1: The Jubilee Express
by Maureen Johnson

Jubilee Dougal, daughter of two crazed-Flobie-Santa-Village-collectors is named after the Flobie Santa Village building no. 4, which is Jubilee Hall. FSV is a miniature Santa Village which you buy and collect.

That night before Christmas, Jubilee is left at home killing time until she gets ready to attend her over-achieving/mathlete/jock boyfriend Noah's annual smorgasbord.

A swift turn of events occurred and she's suddenly aboard a train from Virginia to Florida to spend the holidays with her grandparents. While both parents in jail  for being involved in a riot at the Flobie Showroom, both also became part of the nationwide instant amusement called the Flobie Five!

In the cafeteria area of the train (snack car), with cheerleaders that were mostly named Ambers and Madisons and a long-haired-exotic-looking guy named Jeb, the train suddenly stopped.

It couldn't go any further due to the strongest-snowstorm-in-five-years dilemma, snow was just everywhere. They are currently in Gracetown and Jubilee decided to get out of the train and go to a more suitable place. She ended up at the Waffle House.

She meets Stuart Weintraub and their love story begins.

Story #2: Cheertastic Christmas Miracle
by John Green

The story starts with Tobin, the Duke(Angie) and Korean best friend JP watching their James Bond marathon. With Tobin's mom announcing that they can't get home for Christmas due to the snowstorm and Keun who's-also-Korean-and-the-Waffle-House-Manager-for-the-night calling, they begin their adventure!

Keun in deep need of Twister to hopefully entertain 14 stranded cheerleaders, forced the three to get on with their way to the Waffle House in spite of the weather.

Through the journey, Tobin realizes something he never did before. Could he be harboring feelings more than the platonic friendship he has with the Duke?

Story #3: The Patron Saint of Pigs
by Lauren Myracle

 Addie who was the girlfriend of Jeb spends Christmas with a broken heart. Having been the one to cheat on him by kissing someone else out of frustration, she realized how much she still loved him. After cutting her hair short and dying it pink, she tells her BFF's Tegan and Dorrie all her dilemmas.

Upon the discovery that she might be a self-absorbed/self-centered person, she tries to prove her best friends wrong by picking-up Tegan's pre-ordered teacup pig at Pet World across Starbucks where she's(Addie) working at.

Everything ends at Starbucks where she meets Jeb for the first time since the last.


This is definitely the most time-consuming book review yet. I excluded a lot of characters. I didn't even include Tin Foil Guy who I think is the star in this one!

The Horn Book did not kid when they said that this is brimming with holiday spirit. In a very inexplicable way, I really felt that it was Christmas. Also possesses this generous amount of romance!

This might be the teen version of the movie Love Actually or any other movie that has interconnected characters like Valentine's Day. The experience between watching a film and reading a book with a theme like this is different in such ways. With watching the film, you kinda get where it's heading, you get an idea early on... while on the book, there's so much mystery, it's like planting assorted seeds and witnessing them grow to their final forms.

I absolutely enjoyed Let it Snow!

All These Things I've Done by Gabrielle Zevin

I clearly did not know what I was in for when I picked out this read. All I know was it was some ambitious book trying to portray the future.


Our protagonist is Anya Balanchine, a mafia princess.

In a future set in New York, nearly a hundred years from now where water and paper is rationed, coffee and chocolate is illegal and a strict curfew of 12AM on all minors, the story of Anya begins.

Having been the daughter of  notorious mafia emperor and chocolatier Leonyd Balanchine Sr., her life has always been on the danger zone. With both dead parents, she faces life with such maturity and the words of wisdom her dad had told her while growing up.

With a 12-year-old sister Natty(Nataliya Balanchine), 19-year-old brother Leo(Leonyd Balanchine Jr.) who's in a special mental condition and a dying grandmother, Anya who is only 16 is left to fend for all of them over the years since.

In her Junior year at Holy Trinity School together with her BFF Scarlet Barber, she meets Goodwin Delacroix. Goodwin or Win is the son of Charles Delacroix who is the new DA.

Anya who always has her gaurd up falls in love with Win.

Will she pursue it? Will Charles Delacroix approve it?
What will happen next and what are the things that already happened that I overlooked hence, is not in this short review?

It's better read than said.


My goodness, this book is jam packed. Such a fast-paced novel with no shortage of characters and themes. This book contains the following: elite private Catholic school, Star-crossed lovers, futuristic setting, mafia, food poisoning, troubled-children's facility, politics, prom, genius sister, lawyers, chocolate business.... and more!

What else did this book forget to include?

I finished this less than 24hours... and my, such a whirlwind it was.


It ended so open-endedly, the swift manner it was told and then you're suddenly cut-off, frustrating!
Can't wait for the sequel, Because it is My Blood.