The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

I have always wanted to read The Book Thief since 2012 but found it hard to will myself to. I guess I was intimidated and/or got the wrong impression about its genre. The Book Thief doesn't sound far from The Lightning Thief anyway. I made a rash judgment.


Narrated by a sort-of-a grim reaper in a cleverly sarcastic fashion, we plunge into the life of Liesel Meminger.

When Liesel arrived at Himmel Street, she is reluctant and defiant at first but warms up shortly to her adoptive parents (the quirky Hubermanns). Hans Hubermann is a painter/nicotine-addict who served Germany in World War 1. Rosa Hubermann on the other hand, a loud curse-like-a-sailor woman, works as a laundress to the elite side of their town.

Liesel's best friend is Rudy Steiner, a mischievous lemon-haired boy who has always been her partner-in-crime. A Jew arrives to ask for help. The Jew knocks on the Hubermann's door and inquires if Hans is willing to keep his old promise. Meanwhile, our protagonist develops a knack for stealing books.

In this Nazi-era setting, Liesel's life leading up to her adolescence is an amalgamation of fleeting events that leads us to a destined end.


My favorite quote:

Another fantastic Nazi-setting historical fiction! It wouldn't have worked incredibly if we got a different attack to the narration. The book came out as something dark and dramatic but also remained familiar and plausible. I was irrevocably overwhelmed when I finished it. 

It was Rudy's character that bothered me the most.

The movie version is out next month - November! Here's to hoping it lives up to the book (even in a remote fraction because come on, people always say the book version is better!)

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

Anna is sent to a boarding school in Paris by her father who is a renowned tragic-love-stories' author. Upon her arrival in School of America in Paris (or SOAP), she befriends Meredith and instantly becomes a part of the posse. She meets Etienne St. Claire, a handsome English boy who she starts having feelings for.

But Meredith also, has deep-seated feelings for St. Claire! To top it all off, St. Claire is still with his long standing girlfriend, Ellie!

Will Anna get her desired 'French kiss'?


I was being all high and mighty avoiding books like these but you know, I regret it. I regret staying away from cutesy teeny love stories because I loved Anna and the French Kiss! I don't know what's wrong up there in Hollywood but this should have been a movie by now. The story has a strong power of dragging emotions out. When I say that - 'strong power of dragging emotions out' - about a book, it means i'm immensely satisfied. Because in that case, for a time being, everything about the story was real to me.

My favorite line from Anna's character is: "You weren't alone, asshole.

That was so epic.