Love You Hate You Miss You by Elizabeth Scott

This book. It just magically crossed paths with mine. It was a Godsend because whatever personal-emotional stress I was experiencing at the moment, it matched this book. Even one of the names actually.

Okay. So let's start.

The story is about a girl named Amy who started writing letters in a diary/notebook to her best friend Julia, 75 days after she(Julia) died.

The journey began after she got out of Pinewood (a rehab where her parents sent her to when Julia died) and went home to start over. It all revolved on how she faces the characters one by one: Kevin (Julia's boyfriend), the friends she has in English class, Laurie (her weekly therapist), Julia's mom, her parents and herself.

This book touched a lot of the things teenagers do. I know most of my friends will easily relate to all the events but one. The most emotional one and the core of the story's evolution. Well, it depends really, the death of someone might mean another metaphorical meaning to someone else. It's up to you but to me, it was a world of facing your emotions and dealing with it the best way you can.

Your best friend dying is actually the most difficult thing to happen. Not that I know how it feels but I could just imagine. It brought out a lot of flaw to Amy. Her rawness was there, the in-denial moments, the sad ones, the suicidal parts and the breaking down phases. To me, it was the most human thing I could ever encounter in a book.