Bared to You by Sylvia Day

I don't know how I got into erotic fiction but UGH. Just one time, I've read a tweet about this book and now, here we are.


Eva Tramell goes to her first day of work at the Crossfire building. She meets Gideon Cross, the very hot and sexy owner of the Crossfire empire.

Since then on, like in the Fifty Shades of Grey, the relentless pursuit for one another began.

And their love story began from a hot steamy sex.


I'm not really in the mood to review this one because it's an exact copycat of Fifty Shades. The characters were just altered!!!

I'm a bit confused and disappointed because while the Fifty Shades Trilogy were a fanfic of TwilightBared to You is the fanfic of the Fifty Shades Trilogy. Though this one is a better version because there were no "beating", I didn't feel the point of Eva and Gideon.

Because they suddenly loved each other and were oh so serious to the ends of the world JUST BECAUSE of that one-time limo sex.


The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

This was my first ever John Green book and since then my life mission was to read every John Green book there is. This book by far is the best.


Hazel Grace Lancaster, a girl with cancer goes to support group in the basement of an episcopal cross-shaped church.

She meets Augustus Waters. The very attractive, sexy, intelligent boy who seems to be mesmerized by her as well.

They gradually became close. Even shared their favorite books.

When Augustus learns that Hazel already spent her "Wish" for a trip to Disneyland, he uses his for a trip to Amsterdam, Holland. They went there to meet the author of Hazel's favorite book.


I just really want to end my review like that. This might seem like a poor review but this is all I can muster. I'm currently in a coma of emotion. The book is so amazing. I've never read something so inspiring yet so depressing. The effect of this book is so magnanimous, I literally got sick. I've had the flu.

Anyway, I really recommend this book. Words will never be enough to express such awesome masterpiece. I will forever keep this book because I want the next of 30 generations of me to read it.

It's Not that Complicated: Bakit hindi pa sasakupin ng mga Alien ang Daigdig sa 2012 by Eros S. Atalia

Tagalog ang libro kaya nararapat lang na Tagalog din ang book review, diba?


Kwento ito ni Intoy(or Karl, or Dude) na iniwan ng ka-Friends with Benefits niyang si Jen. Etong ating bida, nainlab pala talaga kay Jen. Tapos, biglang nawala si Jen sa buhay niya. Ni ha ni ho, wala. At matapos ang isang taon, hindi pa din talagang tuluyang naka-move on itong si Karl.

Hanggang sa nagpasama itong si Tina sakaniya sa SSA(Sunday School Atheists) para sa ginagawa nitong thesis. Si Tina ang babaeng type ng boss ng boss ni Karl at ito rin ang dahilan kaya natanggap siya sa advertising company na tinatrabahuhan nila.

Si Tina ang ubod ng ganda, ubod ng puti at ubod ng sungit na babaeng pinapantasya sa opisina pero kinakatakutan din. Bitch nga ang tawag sakaniya dito.

Pero teka, bakit parang madaming pinapahiwatig itong si Tina kay Karl? Bakit parang nagugustuhan na niya si Tina, eh diba si Jen nga talaga forever and ever? At bakit bigla siyang isasama ni Tina sa Boracay?

Hep, hep, hep! Basahin ang libro. Haha.


Gusto ko sanang ihalintulad ang librong ito sa Fifty Shades Trilogy dahil sa sobrang dami ng sex at very mature nga ang libro. Kung mababasa ito ng magulang ko, hindi ako papayagan siguro. Pero para ikumpara ko ang mga librong iyon sa librong ito ni Ka-Eros, eh parang nambabastos naman na yata ako sa lagay na iyon.

Ang librong ito ay madaming pinaparating na aral para sa henerasyon ngayon. Ang Henerasyong Artipisyal. Pati pag-ibig, nagiging artificial. Nagiging makabuluhan ang lahat ng bagay at pangyayari kung palagi kang magpapakatotoo. Iyon ang natutunan ko.

Bukod sa aral, nakakatawa talaga! Promise! I swear! Hanggang ngayon, trap pa din ako sa mundo ni Karl, Tina at Jen. Sige na nga, Mang Andoy, Benson at Mang Pedro na rin.

P.S. Para sakin na-inlove din si Tina kay Karl. At oo, virgin pa siya. At oo, mas gusto ko na sila nalang sana nagkatuluyan.

Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta

As I've said on twitter, I live for literature like Jellicoe Road!


Jellicoe Road is a story of 17-year-old Taylor Lily Markham who goes to a boarding school in Jellicoe. As the seniors of their school graduates, she was suddenly chosen as the next leader of all the six Houses within their school.

Being the new leader, she now has to follow through traditions. Every year, a territorial war among the Townies and Cadets occurs.

With her best friends Raffaela and Ben(also a leader of one of the six Houses), she faces every negotiation the three camps should resolve.

As the story builds up, she discovers one by one this big past that affects everyone especially herself. Why did her mother left her at 7/11 on Jellicoe Road? Why Jonah Griggs backed out on her 3 years ago when they had the chance? Her true feelings for the new leader of the Cadets. Who really is Hannah(the lady who picked her up from 7/11)? And what are these manuscripts Hannah wrote? Is it real and what is its relevance to everything? Last but not the least, who started this tradition of territorial wars?


You probably now have an inkling as to where the story will lead you to, with my incessant questioning I doubt you don't.

One thing that will really capture you when reading this book is the warmth of friendship it tries to convey. It is so real to the point that you wish it were true or that you are one of the characters. I love the plot, the storyline, it's all amazing. Original. I have never really encountered something like Jellicoe Road in terms of structure. The structure of this one is flawless. Everything and everyone, they're all connected.

It makes me wish I live in a small town that has a road that's similar to Jellicoe. All the memories and friendship are its very treasure. Friends are the people you can always count on when you doubt yourself and a place where everyone's somehow connected is heaven.

Killing Britney by Sean Olin

This is a story about Britney Johnson who's just been coping from the death of her mother. With a troubled boy named Adam her father opened their home to, death of more people in Britney's life has begun.

First her boyfriend.
Next, Karl Brown.
Next, best friend Melissa Brown.
Then, her father.

Who could the killer be? Is it Bobby Plumley, the boy who's still so obsessed with her? Is it Adam? Or is it someone else?


A thriller book. It was irritating and annoying how the plot deliberately misleads one. It was fun, still. But I won't read it again.

Diana v. Charles by James Whitaker

First published in 1993. This book must have made a big sensation in the UK back then. It sure made Mr. Whitaker a rich man as well. Also, this might have been pricey in the early 90's but not to me at this present. Got it for only 60pesos at BOOKSALE!

To the more nerdy side of me, I would like you to know that besides obsession with books, I'm also obsessed with monarchy and royals. My first royal biography read was Andrew Morton's Diana: Her True Story - In Her Own Words (Completely Revised Edition) which I also got from BOOKSALE.

James Whitaker is the very ruthless and demanding royal reporter. Here, in this book he fearlessly retells all of his knowledge between the marriage of both Your Highnesses. This was the time when Princess Di was still alive. I must say, the facts inside at times were biased to the Princess but nonetheless they were true. I believe them.

It's a pretty good book to read if you're such a geek like me and the lessons it might teach you is invaluable. Plus, we can see in here how the Palace works at times of desperation. Either ways, this book is a must read for royal fanatics out there!