Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler

Though I've heard many people say that Twenty Boy Summer is the best Sarah Ockler novel so far, I wouldn't proclaim the same yet as I have never read all of her books. Be that as it may, Twenty Boy Summer is still undeniably one of the most challenging YA books out there.


Anna Reiley has been in love with her best friend's older brother since she was ten years old. On her fifteenth birthday, her wish comes true. Matt Perino kisses her in the kitchen after a chaotic icing fight. Her life was never quite the same after.

A month into the feelings-are-absolutely-mutual-but-not-official-yet relationship, something unthinkable occurs and Matt dies.

Francesca "Frankie" Perino (Matt's sister and Anna's bff), a girl who is unaware of the developing feelings between her brother and her best friend changes massively soon after her brother passed away. From being a very shy girl, she becomes this outgoing appearance-conscious sexpert social butterfly.

A year later, the Perinos decided to proceed \with their annual trip to Zanzibar Bay, California. This time taking Anna with them instead.

Frankie proposes a bet. A "twenty-boys-in-one-summer" bet. Anna is reluctant at first but can't deny her best friend the chance to be excited and happy for the time being.

Along with the twenty-boy bet, their summer plan includes something else. This summer, Anna is suppose to get rid of the V word.

Will the Perino family get closure and acceptance in Matt's death? Will Frankie finally stop acting out? Will they finish the twenty boy bet? Will Anna pop her cherry? Will she also find closure and acceptance with the death of her first love?


My favorite lines from the book:

"It's my mission in life to make you care about these words, Anna. About these people and everything they say and everything they were. He traced the lines of my face with his fingers as he spoke.

Every story is part of a whole, entire life, you know? Happy and sad and tragic and whatever, but an entire life. And books let you know them."

Another book that I consider a Godsend. Those lines above, they complement what this blog stands for. To be honest, for some reason I wasn't even much impressed with this book. Maybe it's because I've read too many books already or drama wasn't the hankering at that moment.

It did drove me close to tears! It has that strong power to draw out emotions. I highly recommend this and Fixing Delilah. Sarah Ockler is in my all-time fave list. Her 2 books are something I would read again when I'm bored.

If you are a true YA reader, this book must be on your to-be-reads.

The Prince by Kiera Cass

After reading The Selection, I wanted so badly to read the next book. But I discovered that the second installment which is The Elite is still yet to be released on April 23 (almost a month away, can't wait). This novella is a good gimmick to feed some of the impatient fans like me a glimpse back into that dystopian world.


In this novella, Prince Maxon Schreave of Ilea narrates his journey preceding The Selection to the first few parts of it when the 35 hopefuls has already entered the palace.

We discover that a certain princess from France named Daphne who is also its future queen is in love with Prince Maxon. Although he considers her one of his only friends, possibly the closest he got, he then realizes that he was never in the same state as she is after she accused him of not knowing what love is when it's right in front him.

Anxiety builds up for our handsome prince. And then he meets... America.


Well isn't it nice to discover that His Highness is a little too innocent of the world. Never been in love, never kissed or been kissed. And then suddenly he has 35 girls fighting over him. I immediately stereotyped him as a jerk before but after reading this, I guess he's just ignorant.

This is a nice tool to enhance The Elite's storyline through the reader's perception. Now we know there will be a Daphne together with all the other girls. Also, the rebels advocacy or intentions aren't fully explained yet.

All in all, I have nothing bad to say about the novella. It's a teaser and I am teased!

The Selection by Kiera Cass

Something about the way the book cover and title is executed will already give anyone who sees it a big idea what the book is about. Truth be told, the idea of the story is too appealing.


A lottery for young ladies between 16 to 20 years of age has begun. An opportunity to be wife of Prince Maxon Schreave and future queen of Ilea has materialized!

35 ladies will be chosen to stay in the palace until Prince Maxon chooses the one he will marry.

America Singer of Carolina, our protagonist is a girl from a poor family of artists. She grew up working with her mom, singing at parties and events, struggling to get by.

Her 2-year boyfriend with a lower status in life encourages her to enter the lottery. Before the announcement of the chosen ones, Aspen Leger breaks up with America.

America is left brokenhearted but soon discovers that she got in on the magic 35.

The journey begins. 

She meets possible future friends within the group of girls and some with a not-so-pleasant personality. She meets Prince Maxon! What will happen next? Is she ever going to move on from her first love? Who are those rebels who keeps attacking the palace? Which of the girls will be eliminated immediately and who will stay to the end?

You'll discover you've made a great selection if you read The Selection!


While I recommend this book highly, it doesn't mean it's exempted for some of my criticisms. First of all, America's overall character comes off as ungrateful. I know that was the author's point (to show that she isn't after the wealth or status) but it was terribly annoying. She was simply using the privilege of winning to take a vacation in the palace to heal her broken heart. If not for the broken heart she wouldn't pursue entering, their poverty isn't even a strong motivation for her to join. Not to mention, she also leads Prince Maxon on.

On the other hand, when the book is nearing to the end, Prince Maxon suddenly comes out to be some sort of a jerk. I seriously don't know which side I am on and it is the reason why I am hooked!

This book that is ala-The Hunger Games (no bloodshed, just broken hearts), The Giver (they have the same way of using numbers for a kind or set of people) and The Bachelor (need I say more?) will entertain you through the end. You are going to yearn for the second book immediately. Some will call America a slut for making out with two guys simultaneously, some will understand where she's coming from. You will feel delighted and indifferent almost at the same time. 

One thing I can guarantee, you might not like this book entirely but in a way, you will.

It's Kind of A Funny Story by Ned Vizzini

Just watched the movie a while ago.


It's Kind of A Funny Story is a story about 15-year-old Craig Gilner who accidentally admits himself in a psychiatric ward after a suicide hotline agent suggests him to head to the ER of a nearby hospital.

He's alienated himself throughout middle school in extensive preparation to get into Executive Pre-Professional High School. He meets Aaron. an intelligent boy who doesn't need all those said preparations to get into that school. Not long after that, he became best friends with Aaron, started smoking pot with him and then falls desperately in love with his girlfriend Nia.

Schoolyear starts at his prestigious high school and he realizes how ordinary he is compared with all the brilliant minds he's with. He started getting depressed and unproductive.

When he arrives at the psychiatric ward, the people he meets there changes him for good.


The last paragraph of this book are verbs that encourages you to actually action those action words. Just kidding. It's metaphorical. It tries to encourage a person to live and participate in life. That was a little too dramatic and inspiring at the same time. I'm kind of dissatisfied with the movie version though because they changed a lot of things (characters, events, etc.).

But with the movie alone, I like how they executed it. I just didn't appreciate reading the book and finding out how it's all suddenly a hoax in the movie. You get the feeling. Different characters and incidents equals different story, always.

Very nice young adult read. It's an okay book, if you ask me. It touched a lot of subjects.

Kudos Ned Vizzini!

Miss Fortune Cookie by Lauren Bjorkman

At last! I'm finally doing this book a review!


Miss Fortune Cookie is a semi-famous advice blog that is run by an anonymous person. Erin, a senior at Lowell (a competitive high school for uber smart young adults), is the person behind the Miss Fortune Cookie blog.

She's from an Irish descent but is born in China, Erin is undeniably a girl with a Chinese heart. Having half-American half-Chinese girls as best friends (Linny and Mei), she struggles in trying so hard to fit in with the group. She even dyed her redhead black and constantly refers to herself as the "lesser third".

Mrs. Shufang Liu, Mei's overbearing mother, has ever since wanted Mei to go to America's number one university which is Harvard. The problem is Mei and her hot Filipino boyfriend Darren wants to go to Stanford together. They're a pair of inseparable, lovesick lovebirds.

The dilemma begins when Mei asks advice from Miss Fortune Cookie.

Will her advice be the right advice? If not will she try to fix it? If she does, how will she do it? What university will Erin get into? Will she and Linny pursue UC Berkeley as promised by her before? Will Erin find a boy to be inseparable and lovesick with?

Snap and read into this fortune cookie novel!


I think this book has a really cool concept. Very Gossip Girl-ish but instead of spreading drama over the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite, she's giving sensible suggestions to people that mostly resides in Chinatown, San Francisco who are in deep need of them.

I liked that the author sort of championed Asians in this novel. I am very proud as I am Asian as well. Maybe this book is really meant to be in my hands for whatever cosmological reasons. I'm very happy, though.

Miss Fortune Cookie is a book about making the right choices, putting yourself first and considering other people at the same time. It's a book about how to communicate and be honest with your parents. It's a book about growing up.

I won an international book giveaway from "Miss Fortune Cookie" author, Lauren Bjorkman!

On the exact day of my birthday, I got a notice from the city hall that I have a parcel-in-waiting. I thought whatever package it was, it was from someone I knew and that it was maybe in accordance to my birthday. I was wrong, of course.

I WON A BOOK GIVEAWAY!!!!! It was from Lauren Bjorkman herself. She's an American author and "Miss Fortune Cookie" is her second novel that was released November 13
 last year. Giveaway includes:

-A signed copy of Miss Fortune Cookie (book)
-2 signed Miss Fortune Cookie bookmarks
-A temporary butterfly tattoo
-A cute metallic (it's heavy) beaded bracelet
-14 fortune cookies!
-KLEANCOLOR Nail Lacquer Chunky Holo Teal (My nails would be so sparkly. I love it!)


I would like to say my thanks to and Lauren Bjorkman ( ). This came so timely with my birthday, i'm almost certain it's kismet. I'm entry #827 and I can't even begin to explain how much 27 is unfathomably my LUCKY NUMBER! Again, thank you. This is a great 18th birthday gift to a bookworm like myself.

Call me superstitious, call this a coincidence. But you'll never change how I feel about it! So here's to destiny!!!! ;)