Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler

Disclaimer: this is one of those books, shy/low self-esteem girl gets a chance with beautiful basketball boy who is a total jerk and a douche-bag, got her heart broken only to realize in the end that true love was there all along


the approach of Mr. Handler to the story was fantastic amazing!

The whole book is the lengthy letter of Min (Minerva Green) to her ex-boyfriend Ed Slaterton. In the book, she narrates to her ex everything that transpired between them since the first time they ever got to know each other or talked. Each chapter represents a travesty (trivia: travesty and whatnot are words much used in the book), an item in the box of things she's giving back to Ed. Each thing has a story. It all sums up to the end where they broke-up.

Kudos to Ms. Kalman for making the book visually engaging.

This book is heavy! Each page is thick and glossy. It's colorful inside too.

 The way Min was confessing to Ed was with much pain and a bit longing, a bit wistful if you would allow. There are moments where you thought or wished that they'd get back together in the end when you got to reading the first few chapters. But when you get to the end, you'll just want to thank the author for breaking them up and titling the book "why we broke up".


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