The Unwritten Rule by Elizabeth Scott

I'm very much quite familiar with Elizabeth Scott, in fact my first book-review in this blog is Love You Hate You Miss You. I've also read Living Dead Girl(and I think every YA reader should give that book a try).

One thing I can tell you about Mrs. Scott is that all her books are phenomenal. Some may not fully agree to the word phenomenal because it's SUCH a big word... but when I said "phenomenal", I meant out-of-the-ordinary. I meant uniquely crafted and refreshingly tasteful.

Every Elizabeth Scott book has that same trademark element that only said author possesses.

And though The Unwritten Rule has the most simple story compared to the other two that I've read so far, it isn't an exception to the Elizabeth Scott branding.

The storyline is SO "typical" that it got captivating.


Sarah is the main character and she narrates throughout the book about her forbidden feelings towards her since-kindergarten-best-friend Brianna's two-month-old boyfriend, Ryan.

Though it really was clear that the girl who Ryan wanted was Sarah, he got confused into getting with Brianna who is said to be nothing but unbelievably gorgeous and superbly confident.

The conflicts here is both between Sarah and Brianna & Sarah and Ryan.

Now, it's a ding ding ding for you if you got the logic behind the title and yep, The Unwritten Rule is you don't have feelings and you don't date your BFF's "boyfriend" or any other one for that matter, ever.


I'm going to leave my review up there like that. The story is so relate-able(relatable?), it hasn't happened to me yet but I know a lot of my friends who went through that. IT IS a book not only for the teenagers, pathetic for an adult to even consider reading this but the circumstances are honestly universal in the most veritable sense... and I can see that it will somehow enlighten anyone who's a Sarah at the moment.

Brianna who is a multi-faceted character will annoy readers but they will also get where she's coming from.

The book's message is to fight for love. To me, that's what it was. You fight for it and don't ever consider losing anything if you're sure at what you feel. Touchy feely, yes... but we can get too caught up sometimes and we settle for second best.

And the people who truly loves you will want you to be happy no matter how much it might hurt them.

"My mistake I didn't know to be in love, you have to fight to have the upper hand."
(Yes, I just quoted a Taylor Swift song. The title is White Horse)


Anonymous | July 24, 2012 at 7:58 PM

Thanks for stopping and leaving a comment on my review. Fight for love - a good three-word sum up of this one. :-)

Sarah Reads Too Much | July 24, 2012 at 10:00 PM

Fight for love, but also fight for yourself. Have the confidence in yourself to go after what you want, want you deserve... because who doesn't deserve love?

Yes, I am that pathetic adult who read and really enjoyed this book :) Thanks for stopping by too!

Sandy | July 24, 2012 at 10:53 PM

Thanks for stopping by my blog! This book, I have to agree I could relate to Sarah's character a little because you can't help who you have feelings for, all you hav control over is what you do with them but that alone wasn't enough for me to enjoy the book. I think I needed more interesting and likeable characters.

Scribing Shadows

Loraine | August 7, 2012 at 3:24 PM

To Kay: You're welcome and thank you also =) fight for love seemed really touchy feely when I first thought about it but I can't deny the book its essence ;))

To Sarah: Oh my goodness, I am so sorry if I ever offended you in any way! and I agree with fighting for yourself because you can't love someone else if you don't love yourself =) thanks for visiting!

To Sandy: You're welcome and thank you also. Yes, the book seemed bland, character-wise. I have a feeling it was intentional though, so we get that obnoxious contrast between the personalities within the characters in this book.

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