Wifey by Judy Blume

Bought from BOOKSALE for 60pesos. As I started reading, I thought to myself... "WTH! I thought Judy Blume was on the Young Adult genre?!"


Sandy is an unhappy New Jersey upper-class housewife. She is one of those girls who is brought up to marry more so likely for convenience than love.

One day, a boy riding in a motorcycle stopped in front of her house and jerked off. Sandy called the police immediately. The police thought Sandy was just having a wild imagination but called her back a few days after to confirm some evidence they found.

Sandy's husband Norman is your typical elitist country-club-lovin' man. He pushes Sandy real hard to go into the sports he's interested in like tennis and golf. He accuses her of being depressed because their two kids are at camp for the summer and that they're growing up.

Sandy doesn't like her husband anymore because he is insensitive and demanding. Their sex life is not going on very well and she wants more.

A few more times of the mystery guy calling on the phone, visiting and jerking off and the rest of the story zooms in on Sandy sleeping around with her sister's husband then her best friend's husband and then her first love, Shep.

Before they move houses to Watchung, she takes their dog to the vet. She sees the motorcycle helmet of the vet, a stripes and stars design, similar to the mystery jerk-off maniac.

She and Norman talks about their plans for the future.


At the beginning of the story, I had so much sympathy for Sandy. She has so much to bear and there's no one looking after her. She receives not enough love from her husband. But after everything, when the book is nearing to the end, I kind of switched sides with Norman.

Norman was right. She has nothing to complain about. Their life is perfect! It's just her insecurities working. She felt that she wasn't loved the right way so she went to bed with the whole town? She single-handedly ruined every marriage of the people she cares about, especially her own marriage. Her sister and her best friend does not know and the only person Norman knew she slept with was Shep.

In the end, Norman forgives her and he promises to try to lick her down there just like she said Shep did.



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