Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo (at iba pang technique kung paano makaka move on sa wasak na puso) by Ramon Bautista

Even my Papa was hooked. This book is the Purpose Driven Life of the lovesick, loveless and love-deprived Filipinos.


A compilation of Sir Ramon Bautista's formspring Q&A's. A guidebook to modern love dilemmas.

I, personally, call it "the oracle".

This is the perfect supplement in understanding not just the complicated pursuit of love but its psychological aspect. A book with fresh, trendy and somewhat stern humor. It may raise eyebrows regarding Sir RB's clinical responses. An example is when a girl asked when she is ever going to have a boyfriend, she said she's wearing braces and eyeglasses but she isn't a nerd. The response went something like, "first of all, accept that you're a nerd and second you will have a boyfriend, do not worry".

In my observation, the elderly appreciates the practicality RB is trying to instill. He chose to be an inspiration in this book. An inspiration to deal with life without the standards and the fairytale-dreamlike aspirations we expect from it. He tried to make it human as much as he can, his psychoanalytic answers. Definitely, he comes off as rude and arrogant at times and to be honest that's where the humor comes from in this book. It's cruel because you know immediately what these individuals wanted to hear when they ask for RB's advise. But if you think about it, it's more cruel if you lie to please them or say the truth in a beating-around-the-bush manner. He attacks with sometimes short, sometimes long but always witty answers.

I super kaduper enjoyed the book! I wanted more from it. I wish there'll be another one coming up. A gift to the Filipino youth. Dapat siguro may subject na ganito sa mga schools at ito ang gagawing textbook. Para naman maka-intindi ng mabuti ang mga trap sa ilusyon na gusto nilang mangyari sa buhay pag-ibig.

A slogan that fits the book's idea, "Walang personalan, katotohanan lang!"


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