The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

Well this has been a long-overdue book review. I've been busy with school lately but yes, it's not an excuse because there's always time to read and ergo, to review also.


In the little town of Henrietta, Virginia is where Blue Sargent and her quirky clairvoyant family lives. Growing up without a father and being the only one in the family without a psychic ability (although she is said to have the special power of intensifying energies around her), Blue battles everyday life with trying "not" to fit in with the world but her family.

Blue has always been warned that her true love will die soon after she kisses him.

Richard "Dick" Campbell Gansey III together with his two best friends Adam Parrish and Ronan Lynch are Aglionby Academy's most adventurous-mystery-addicts. Dick is trying to locate Glendower's (a Welsh king)  remains/whereabouts and wishes to awaken it in exchange of any wish-come-true.

Glendower is said to be located within Henrietta inside its ley line (a pathway of the souls to another place). With that, Dick and his gang bang soon contacts the Sargent's residence to have themselves checked (or asks for help to find the ley line).

And the courageous story of friendship, mystery and maybe love begins!


A really mindboggling ending. I don't know if I should search the net (I probably will) and see if there are any fortunate beings on this planet who have decoded what it all means.

1. Ronan said he got Chainsaw (pet Raven) in his dreams. How was that possible?
2. Blue and Dick. Are they for real now or what? If they're dating, that would suck, not being able to kiss. Also, how is Adam taking this nugget of fact?
3. And then, what really happened to Adam?!

To each his own and depends on your philosophy.


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