Lizzie Goes Wild

I've had this book for a really long time. I forgot whether a friend bought me this (if she did, thank you) or I bought this (if I did, thank you self). Long story short, I was bored and read it for the heck of it!


Lizzie Goes Wild contains two short stories. The first one is about Lizzie going wild and the other one is about Gordo being a rat pack cool dude!


I don't even know why i'm jotting this here. It may seem inconsequential but it counts for me. I miss Lizzie McGuire!

Graffiti Moon by Cath Crowley

This. Book. Is. The. Book.


Lucy has long been searching for her dream guy Shadow, a talented graffiti artist that captivated Lucy through his street-art.

Ed, a high school dropout, is Shadow.

Will Lucy find Shadow? Will the street-art reveal Shadow? Will her expectations be met? Will this relationship work despite Lucy and Ed's compromising past?

Read Graffiti Moon and be captivated like I was!


Another amazing Australian YA! Fresh story-line and inspiring characters. I am just in love.

The Boy Book by E. Lockhart

Yeah yeah, I said I didn't like it but what can I do? I have the books already!


And the Ruby Oliver saga continues as conflicts with her ex-best-friends and ex-boyfriend continues! Also the search for potential boyfriend is on like donkey kong!


This is possibly the lamest review for the Ruby Oliver series.

The Boyfriend List by E. Lockhart

Alas! After a long long time, i'm finally updating my blog. You might be wondering where I went. Well, that's not important. I'M BACK!


The Boyfriend List is Ruby Oliver's enumeration of all the boys who are somewhat/completely/almost/could-have-been involved in her topsy-turvy life!


A one-sentence book review! There's a first for everything.

This book reminds me a lot of An Abundance of Katherines, which is also an enumeration type of story (and has fun-facts/footnotes too). I didn't really enjoy the book like I thought I would. Maybe i'm growing out of the genre (not YA per se, just the chick-lit-YA type). Though, I will admit I would have adored it four years ago.