Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

Anna is sent to a boarding school in Paris by her father who is a renowned tragic-love-stories' author. Upon her arrival in School of America in Paris (or SOAP), she befriends Meredith and instantly becomes a part of the posse. She meets Etienne St. Claire, a handsome English boy who she starts having feelings for.

But Meredith also, has deep-seated feelings for St. Claire! To top it all off, St. Claire is still with his long standing girlfriend, Ellie!

Will Anna get her desired 'French kiss'?


I was being all high and mighty avoiding books like these but you know, I regret it. I regret staying away from cutesy teeny love stories because I loved Anna and the French Kiss! I don't know what's wrong up there in Hollywood but this should have been a movie by now. The story has a strong power of dragging emotions out. When I say that - 'strong power of dragging emotions out' - about a book, it means i'm immensely satisfied. Because in that case, for a time being, everything about the story was real to me.

My favorite line from Anna's character is: "You weren't alone, asshole.

That was so epic.


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