Keeping the Castle by Patrice Kindl

Althea Crawley is in deep need of financial help as she is relying solely on her ungrateful step-sisters to support their whole family.

Alas! Lord Boring, the handsomest richest most eligible bachelor arrives. He is said to be hosting a ball and his best friend for like evs Mr. Fredericks is said to attend. 

Althea with her mother and step sissies attend the ball. They are all charmed with Lord Boring as he is quite the antonym of his name. Although Althea is quite vexed with Mr. Fredericks' conservative nature. She quickly succumbs to prejudice and decides that she doesn't like him.

Is there truly something more to Mr. Fredericks or did he deserved the prejudgment?


A lighter version of the Jane Austen classic Pride and Prejudice, Keeping the Castle makes the former an easier experience for today's readers to understand its essence. Though in my opinion, nothing can contend with Pride and Prejudice.


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