Journal: The Short Life and Mysterious Death of Amy Zoe Mason by Kristine Atkinson & Joyce Atkinson

It was around either 2009 or early 2010 and I found this lost on the Sale table at National Bookstore in SM Southmall. I found out that it wasn't part of the "sale", I got rigged alright. It costs 719pesos! But the book itself seemed so interesting. It was an art and a mystery at the same time, so I bought it anyways.

As the book emphasizes so on the cover, it is indeed a Journal. This is the diary of Amy Zoe Mason. With this beautifully Altered Book(it's suppose to be an old book with torn yellow pages so someone altered it to be a journal and sold it), she writes the happenings of her life. From her kids Susan and Alex to her very attractive husband Bob, she makes an art out of it.

She releases the artist in her by scrap-booking and attaching email print-outs and self-confessions.

But wait!
Who is this Vanessa Garamond?
Why is she suddenly in their lives?
Why does Amy feel so vigilant about her?


I love this book, to be really honest. It might lack some out-of-this-world-oh-my-goodness-I-never-saw-it-coming flair but it's STILL very engaging.

A vintage and sophisticated book. The art inside is so beautiful. Your eyes are fed well with every page. With Amy's fortune cookie messages and other quotes inside, I fell for it immediately and decided that the money was worth it. My copy of this book is very much mint conditioned!

I love how she tries to erase the words she typed on the typewriter by overlapping it with x's. You can still read it if you look closely, her cussing is so human.

Vanessa with Auburn red hair at the end: Hilarity!

This is my first re-read and reminiscing with this one is still quite a pleasure!


Anonymous | July 3, 2014 at 2:41 PM

I read Journal, too, and found it incredible. They really did a superb job making it all seem plausible. Of course, things like that really happen. An amazing added benefit is the opportunity to get to know a victim- albeit fictional- and be able to truly care what happened to her. Those shows that tell about true crimes rarely let you truly get to know the person who died. Journal does. We know her from the inside. We almost become her. How can we not become obsessed with knowing what happened to her and why?

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