Fifty Shades Freed by E.L. James

In the last of the trilogy, Fifty Shades Freed starts with the middle of the honeymoon. The couple traveled around Europe then got back to their lives as newlyweds in the real world.

Ana had a conflict with Christian because of her decision to keep Steele as her last name.

Ray gets into an accident.

Anastasia discovers she's pregnant and Christian was very shocked and mad.

Mia was kidnapped by Jack and Ana will do something heartbreaking in order to save her sister-in-law.

Will she survive? Will the baby survive? Will Christian accept to be a father?


It's very hypocritical now if I say this wasn't worth my time. I read it through the very end, obviously there's something. Though I might agree to some bloggers who said that Ana's character who seemed to be against materialism is somewhat materialistic in reality. She loved the luxury. I mean, who doesn't?

The character build-up is contradicting, that's all.

Every reader here knows that Christian Grey was the reason, to the very end, he was why. He was why people stuck to reading this. He was the kind of lover women wanted. Though a real Christian Grey might not be as desirable in reality as in the book, we needed Anastasia as guinea pig to get us through the romantic parts. 

He was the right kind of tool James had to create for the hopelessly loveless. He was perfect because he had it all. The character had the power to make Ana feel so much wanted, the audience felt so much wanted as well. Ana didn't have to be such a bland character, she was made for everyone to relate to. For every girl to be Ana while reading it. I wanted much more out of her. It lost its touch.

You can't presume readers to believe that there's an intelligent 21-year-old virgin who is said to be very beautiful and surrounded by suitors, works in a hardware store and doesn't have a laptop or a cellphone. And honestly, besides the 3-time divorced mom and a step-dad Ana's still emotionally attached to, the first sentence before this one are the only facts you will ever know about Anastasia Steele.

The ending of this one was left hanging by the author. We'll see but I doubt it. 


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