Diana v. Charles by James Whitaker

First published in 1993. This book must have made a big sensation in the UK back then. It sure made Mr. Whitaker a rich man as well. Also, this might have been pricey in the early 90's but not to me at this present. Got it for only 60pesos at BOOKSALE!

To the more nerdy side of me, I would like you to know that besides obsession with books, I'm also obsessed with monarchy and royals. My first royal biography read was Andrew Morton's Diana: Her True Story - In Her Own Words (Completely Revised Edition) which I also got from BOOKSALE.

James Whitaker is the very ruthless and demanding royal reporter. Here, in this book he fearlessly retells all of his knowledge between the marriage of both Your Highnesses. This was the time when Princess Di was still alive. I must say, the facts inside at times were biased to the Princess but nonetheless they were true. I believe them.

It's a pretty good book to read if you're such a geek like me and the lessons it might teach you is invaluable. Plus, we can see in here how the Palace works at times of desperation. Either ways, this book is a must read for royal fanatics out there!


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