I won an international book giveaway from "Miss Fortune Cookie" author, Lauren Bjorkman!

On the exact day of my birthday, I got a notice from the city hall that I have a parcel-in-waiting. I thought whatever package it was, it was from someone I knew and that it was maybe in accordance to my birthday. I was wrong, of course.

I WON A BOOK GIVEAWAY!!!!! It was from Lauren Bjorkman herself. She's an American author and "Miss Fortune Cookie" is her second novel that was released November 13
 last year. Giveaway includes:

-A signed copy of Miss Fortune Cookie (book)
-2 signed Miss Fortune Cookie bookmarks
-A temporary butterfly tattoo
-A cute metallic (it's heavy) beaded bracelet
-14 fortune cookies!
-KLEANCOLOR Nail Lacquer Chunky Holo Teal (My nails would be so sparkly. I love it!)


I would like to say my thanks to yabookcentral.com and Lauren Bjorkman ( laurenbjorkman.com ). This came so timely with my birthday, i'm almost certain it's kismet. I'm entry #827 and I can't even begin to explain how much 27 is unfathomably my LUCKY NUMBER! Again, thank you. This is a great 18th birthday gift to a bookworm like myself.

Call me superstitious, call this a coincidence. But you'll never change how I feel about it! So here's to destiny!!!! ;)


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