Miss Fortune Cookie by Lauren Bjorkman

At last! I'm finally doing this book a review!


Miss Fortune Cookie is a semi-famous advice blog that is run by an anonymous person. Erin, a senior at Lowell (a competitive high school for uber smart young adults), is the person behind the Miss Fortune Cookie blog.

She's from an Irish descent but is born in China, Erin is undeniably a girl with a Chinese heart. Having half-American half-Chinese girls as best friends (Linny and Mei), she struggles in trying so hard to fit in with the group. She even dyed her redhead black and constantly refers to herself as the "lesser third".

Mrs. Shufang Liu, Mei's overbearing mother, has ever since wanted Mei to go to America's number one university which is Harvard. The problem is Mei and her hot Filipino boyfriend Darren wants to go to Stanford together. They're a pair of inseparable, lovesick lovebirds.

The dilemma begins when Mei asks advice from Miss Fortune Cookie.

Will her advice be the right advice? If not will she try to fix it? If she does, how will she do it? What university will Erin get into? Will she and Linny pursue UC Berkeley as promised by her before? Will Erin find a boy to be inseparable and lovesick with?

Snap and read into this fortune cookie novel!


I think this book has a really cool concept. Very Gossip Girl-ish but instead of spreading drama over the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite, she's giving sensible suggestions to people that mostly resides in Chinatown, San Francisco who are in deep need of them.

I liked that the author sort of championed Asians in this novel. I am very proud as I am Asian as well. Maybe this book is really meant to be in my hands for whatever cosmological reasons. I'm very happy, though.

Miss Fortune Cookie is a book about making the right choices, putting yourself first and considering other people at the same time. It's a book about how to communicate and be honest with your parents. It's a book about growing up.


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