Black Painted Fingernails by Steven Herrick

The cover and title is so interesting. I think a book with nail polish and a pretty girl involved will lure any teenager to read it.


James Spalding, naturally stereotyped as the responsible live-to-please-my-parents nerd is on his way to the countryside to fulfill his student teacher job. While he fills up the tank of his Mercedes Benz (parents are rich, dad is a surgeon) at a gasoline station, an attractive-looking girl with Black Painted Fingernails comes up to him and successfully imposes receiving a lift.

Though hesitant at first, James began to unravel the murky details of his hitchhiker's life. As they got to know each other on this incredulous journey of trust and instant romance, clarity soon finds them.


The book has its moments. A little bit cinematic, with quirky little details injected to some scenes, it is undeniably not just trying to tell a story but making readers contemplate as well.

I appreciate the journey. It may not be the best but it's a good book.


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