The Elite by Kiera Cass

And so the sequel to Kiera Cass' The Selection is finally gracing my blog.


For the next installment of America Singer's battle with dreams, love, lust and palace life... our indecisive protagonist further discovers the past of Ilea. While doing so, she accidentally puts her spot in being the next queen in danger.

Also, her best friend Kriss (a co-candidate in the Selection) exits the competition in a rather unfashionable and barbaric way.

What would happen next? What would be title of the next book? Release date? Would it deliver? Will readers be satisfied?

We must find out!


I hate America Singer. I hate her but I can't put the story down. I hate her because Cass is building her character up in a not-so-subtle manner and it's annoying. It's borderline trying hard and hypocritical. On the other hand, I can't put the story down because i'm in love with the idea of it; the idea of competition and murky pasts then put a frustrated handsome prince on top of that? I would read it through the end.

America is endlessly being described as the fearless compassionate hero. How would a sane human being believe that when she's being dumb kissing two guys at the same time and still gets to successfully play the innocent card? Oh my goodness, this is Twilight or The Vampire Diaries all over again.

Authors should stop copying the story-line blueprint of vampire novels.


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