Suddenly Royal by Nichole Chase

The story was a generic of The Princess Diaries.


Samantha Rousseau is happy living her simple life. Though there are struggles to be dealt with, she's contented with getting by.

Prince Alex D'Lysanal together with his aunt arrives from their kingdom Lilaria.

Her whole life will be heading to a different direction upon having dinner with the royals of Lilaria.


Goodreads readers rated this book 4.08 out of 5 stars. I bluntly disagree.

Reasons why I think it's too pretentious:
  • It didn't convince me that there is such a place called Lilaria.
  • Samantha's "I can't be a princess. I don't want the fame and the wealth and the responsibility and oh the prince, I can't be in love with him!" character is beyond exaggerated. (Wake up girly! you're being too unrealistic, everyone wants to be a princess)
  •  The romance was fake. It was too fast, too made-up. No one will fall in love just like that, it was all lust. I hope the author just built the romance up with brilliant dialogue.
  • The love-making part went graphic.


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