Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

From the looks of this book, you'll know it's something different. Beyond what's already out there. They said you can't judge a book by its cover but with this one you can. Even the publishing house of this book which is, QUIRK BOOKS, Philadelphia... gives you a hint. Well the book's really quirky, to tell you honestly.

Let's begin.

This book starts with a prologue where our main character Jacob Portman narrates his life and his grandfather's life. Upon the death of his grandfather, he convinced his parents to let him travel to a Welsh island where his grandfather had been as a child, in care of Miss Peregrine.

He went to the island with his father who is an aspiring ornithologist. During their 2-week stay, Jacob and his father had different businesses to do in the island, Jacob in search of the house Miss Peregrine runs while his dad is occupied with the birds of Cairnhorn(island's name) so they only see each other either at breakfast or at dinner.

Jacob almost didn't find the whereabouts of Miss Peregrine, until Emma, the used-to-be paramour/sweetheart of his dead grandfather, showed up.

And the rest of the story? Well, it was worth my time reading it. I'm sure it's worth yours too. *wink*

This novel is gripping, Mr. Ransom had me ransomed 'til the very end of it. Filled with photographs that are just as hauntingly captivating as well, not to mention its undeniable history because they happen to be REAL AUTHENTIC VINTAGE PHOTOGRAPHS from which the author had selected from collections.

This book... it was adventure to the very last photograph.


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