Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

The only reason I got myself to spend money and spend time on this book is curiosity. It was one of the top ten bestseller's list on National Bookstore and any other bookstores here in the Philippines. Probably because the author herself did a tour here in our country but also maybe she's good, let's be generous on compliments.

I'm not saying she's not good, in fact i'm planning to buy her other titles which are Delirium and Pandemonium. I'm just not yet convinced, that's all.

Shall we begin?


The story is about Samantha Kingston. She has 3 best friends: Lindsay, Ally and Elody. The four of them are the most popular girls in school. In this book, Samantha dies. And she gets to relive the same day of her death for a whole week. She's been given a chance to right the wrongs in her life, the inevitable suicide of Juliet Sykes(the girl they've always been bullying), the true colors of her boyfriend(Rob) and Kent McFuller, her longtime childhood playmate/best friend.

The book is really easy to read, you really don't need a dictionary because the words used are very simple and light. I guess the target of this book are the preteen/tween and adolescent girls who don't read that much, based on the book's theme. I'm pretty sure boys would get a little bored or weirded-out if they try to read this.

The only thing that keeps you going-on on reading is the same reason I bought this book: curiosity. I found it bland and typical but there's something about it that's so consuming, so in-the-moment feel. I loved the quotable quotes too. Jay Asher was right when he said: "You'll have no choice but to tear through this book!"

Until now I'm still curious about some specific things in the book, did the last day meant to be the very reality of her death or those 7 days of rewind was just some sort of her closure to life?

Nonetheless, good read!


Amy Coonce | April 23, 2013 at 2:35 AM

I loved this book! But I love Lauren Oliver no matter what she writes. Have you read the Delirium trilogy? It kind of starts off slower, but it gets really crazy and horrible and amazing and emotional.
Lauren Oliver really knows how to convey the emotion of the book, and she kind of breaks your heart as you read.
There was no 'good' way for this book to end except through her being a good person and dying well.
I hope they FINALLY get around to making this a movie. I think it'd be fantastic!
I love your blog by the way! :)
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Loraine | May 13, 2013 at 6:55 PM

Thank you Amy! :) Yes, the good thing about this book is when she turned into a good person! I'm actually contemplating on reading the Delirium trilogy now.

Anonymous | January 1, 2017 at 4:34 AM

I personally loved this book so much but last night when I finished this book I literally cried myself to sleep last night because when I love books I start to feel like I'm the main character and because the main character died (Sammy) saving Juilet I feel like I died on some levels I'm devastated that that happened but I hope that there will be a second book. Also to Amy I went to Lauren Oliver's website and clicked on the book trailer then at the end of the video it had suggestions for more videos and I looked through them and saw that there was a offical Before I Fall movie trailer and it said it should come out in 2017 so YAY hopefully this movie answers some of my questions about the book and convinces Lauren Oliver to write a second book and if you want to watch the movie trailer sometime in case you don't believe me here is the link to youtube on the video

here is the link to Lauren Olivers website

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