North of Everything by Craig Crist-Evans

I bought this at a BOOKSALE in a mall where we frequent. It cost me 40pesos. Great find, yes!

Told in free verse poems, this book is about a boy and his family moving to Montpelier, Vermont from Miami, Florida. The story revolves around the changes that was occurring every change of season. From having a new baby sister to learning about his father having cancer, the coming of his death and their adjustment to the situation.

Though the story might be that simple and cliched, it was written in a way where the reader will have sincere sympathy throughout this boy's narration. You don't even know his name and the poems are somewhat simple and not written in a way where it will require you time to decode. I read it for less than 20 minutes and I'm very happy, a quick escape to the reality of other people, drama to the simplest manner of narration. I am not disappointed.

"Once in a while--rarely--does one close a book, sigh, and feel goose bumps. This happens in North of Everything--a touching, heart-rending story that adds to Craig Crist-Evan's great and growing contributions to young adult literature." --Lee Bennett Hopkins


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