Peaches by Jodi Lynn Anderson

How can people let go of this book?! I bought it at BOOKSALE for 60pesos. Sometimes, I'm just so lucky.


Three different girls get the chance to experience an opportunity that will define the connection among them.

Murphy McGowen, a rebellious teenager who gets caught stealing inside the Darlington's residence is punished by spending her school break harvesting peaches on the Darlington orchard.

Leeda Cawley-Smith, with her elitist lifestyle and personal insecurities towards her too-good-to-be-perfect sister Danay somehow gets herself stuck into agreeing to help out in her uncle's peach orchard.

Birdie Darlington, with her parents on the phase of recovering from the aftershock of divorce, our shy home-schooled sweetheart tries to pull it all together to save her beloved peach orchard from being sold.


Another cinematic tale of girls, fruits and friendship. It has all these heartwarming characters that you can't help but feel comfortable with. The way the author tried to stick with real emotions is nice. This is not the kind of book with girls getting along in a snap of a finger and then braiding each other's hair. This is more close to actual life where girls are intimidated with or trying to impress each other.

I appreciate the back-stories that was sewn with the novel. What a breath of fresh peach air!


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