The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell

Prior to the new overly promoted TV series of this book, I've decided to read it first before I watch.


It's 1979 and life for our heroine Cary Bradshaw isn't as flawless as she'd hoped it would be. Her mom just passed away and she's not yet fully recovered from said incident. She also has two other sisters to look out for.

On top of that, brewing high school drama is about to explode like a shaken bottle of champagne. 

Plus, her application for this summer's writing workshop was denied. Will she ever have a taste of what she wants to be? 

Sebastian Kydd, the boy of Carrie's dreams just ditched (more like kicked-out of) his preppy boarding school and is now enrolled at her high school. But her arch nemesis Donna La Donna is rumored to be dating this boy. Does she have a chance? And why is her bff Lali acting weird?

All these major drama and more rolls simultaneously into the novel that is The Carrie Diaries.


Sorry to Candace Bushnell but I think this book did not really satisfy me. It kind of irritated me how wrong Carrie's choices were. But anyway, it was being honest. I just didn't like how I felt. That it wasted my time. I was hoping for something witty and girl empowering. It was still sweet though.

The TV series is just so pretty! So vintage. That, i'm gonna totally watch.


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