The Prince by Kiera Cass

After reading The Selection, I wanted so badly to read the next book. But I discovered that the second installment which is The Elite is still yet to be released on April 23 (almost a month away, can't wait). This novella is a good gimmick to feed some of the impatient fans like me a glimpse back into that dystopian world.


In this novella, Prince Maxon Schreave of Ilea narrates his journey preceding The Selection to the first few parts of it when the 35 hopefuls has already entered the palace.

We discover that a certain princess from France named Daphne who is also its future queen is in love with Prince Maxon. Although he considers her one of his only friends, possibly the closest he got, he then realizes that he was never in the same state as she is after she accused him of not knowing what love is when it's right in front him.

Anxiety builds up for our handsome prince. And then he meets... America.


Well isn't it nice to discover that His Highness is a little too innocent of the world. Never been in love, never kissed or been kissed. And then suddenly he has 35 girls fighting over him. I immediately stereotyped him as a jerk before but after reading this, I guess he's just ignorant.

This is a nice tool to enhance The Elite's storyline through the reader's perception. Now we know there will be a Daphne together with all the other girls. Also, the rebels advocacy or intentions aren't fully explained yet.

All in all, I have nothing bad to say about the novella. It's a teaser and I am teased!


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