The Selection by Kiera Cass

Something about the way the book cover and title is executed will already give anyone who sees it a big idea what the book is about. Truth be told, the idea of the story is too appealing.


A lottery for young ladies between 16 to 20 years of age has begun. An opportunity to be wife of Prince Maxon Schreave and future queen of Ilea has materialized!

35 ladies will be chosen to stay in the palace until Prince Maxon chooses the one he will marry.

America Singer of Carolina, our protagonist is a girl from a poor family of artists. She grew up working with her mom, singing at parties and events, struggling to get by.

Her 2-year boyfriend with a lower status in life encourages her to enter the lottery. Before the announcement of the chosen ones, Aspen Leger breaks up with America.

America is left brokenhearted but soon discovers that she got in on the magic 35.

The journey begins. 

She meets possible future friends within the group of girls and some with a not-so-pleasant personality. She meets Prince Maxon! What will happen next? Is she ever going to move on from her first love? Who are those rebels who keeps attacking the palace? Which of the girls will be eliminated immediately and who will stay to the end?

You'll discover you've made a great selection if you read The Selection!


While I recommend this book highly, it doesn't mean it's exempted for some of my criticisms. First of all, America's overall character comes off as ungrateful. I know that was the author's point (to show that she isn't after the wealth or status) but it was terribly annoying. She was simply using the privilege of winning to take a vacation in the palace to heal her broken heart. If not for the broken heart she wouldn't pursue entering, their poverty isn't even a strong motivation for her to join. Not to mention, she also leads Prince Maxon on.

On the other hand, when the book is nearing to the end, Prince Maxon suddenly comes out to be some sort of a jerk. I seriously don't know which side I am on and it is the reason why I am hooked!

This book that is ala-The Hunger Games (no bloodshed, just broken hearts), The Giver (they have the same way of using numbers for a kind or set of people) and The Bachelor (need I say more?) will entertain you through the end. You are going to yearn for the second book immediately. Some will call America a slut for making out with two guys simultaneously, some will understand where she's coming from. You will feel delighted and indifferent almost at the same time. 

One thing I can guarantee, you might not like this book entirely but in a way, you will.


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