When my beloved YA authors tweet/retweet me...

This is actually a long overdue blog post but don't fret my friends for now I am finally sharing with you my Twitter interactions with these fantastic authors!

Gigi Amateau (author of Claiming Georgia Tate) is following me on Twitter!

On December 2012, Tom Leveen (author of Party and Zero) retweeted, tweeted and followed me on Twitter! I think that was very cool of him. I am a big fan of Party! Also, Jennifer Wolf tweeted me back!

Lucy Christopher (renowned author of Stolen) tweeted and retweeted me!

Tara Altebrando, author of The Best Night of Your (Pathetic) Life, tweeted me!

Jodi Lynn Anderson (author of Peaches) favorited a photo I tweeted!

And lastly, not in a million years would I ever think that THE Elizabeth Scott will respond to me. She's the author of Love You Hate You Miss You, the very first book I reviewed for this blog.

This is just a compilation for memory's sake. I really would not like to come off as someone who's bragging about this little recognition that I got. Although, I am very overwhelmed that these authors who I dream to become like one day shows how much they care.


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