Please Ignore Vera Dietz by A.S. King

This book was suggested by a blog for those who are looking for novels that are similar to John Green's.


Please Ignore Vera Dietz is a story about a girl who is coping with the death of her downtrodden alcoholic best friend.

Living her teenage life with a parsimonious father who pushed her to work at Pagoda Pizza instead of Zimmerman's Pet Store (where her heart really was), growing up the way she wants to becomes the hardest task of all.

What did really happen between Vera and her best-friend-in-the-whole-world Charlie Kahn? What were the events before his death? And is it possibly connected to the burning down of Zimmerman's Pet Store?

Don't ignore Vera Dietz and read Please Ignore Vera Dietz!


KUDOS to this book for being interactively charming.  The narration is witty and the experience is superb. 

I felt the push and pull between the friendship of Vera and Charlie. It was very realistic and full of human emotions. It was sad how the two of them needed saving. They could have saved each other. I have made up several versions in my head. Of course, the outcome's always happy. But it wasn't how the book really ended and I keep coming back and every time I do, it's just regret and something else I feel.

I'm not so contented with the ending. I want people to get their pay. I am vengeful. I accept that about me. I am full of human emotions too. I want a short continuation. Or an alternative.

Maybe I've grown way too attached with this book. Maybe i'm such a hopeless romantic. Maybe that's why I keep going back. Maybe it's not regret and something else I feel but obsessive-compulsive-for-happy-endings. Maybe I want redemption for love lost. Maybe that was my 'something else'. For broken people to find self-redemption in finding love.


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