The Amanda Project by Amanda Valentino & Melissa Kantor

For weeks I have been sticking to mainstream bestsellers to tried and tested magnificent authors, one day I decided to just pick a random book from the shelves when me and my Papa went to the mall.

Did "The Amanda Project" deliver?
Let's save the thing I think of is the best here(my opinion, hehehe) for last.

The narrator in this book is Callie. The book revolves around Amanda Valentino(obviously) and her sudden MIA-ing. Callie, Nia and Hal were sent to the Vice Principal's office. Their Vice Principal assumed that they know something or are involved in Amanda's absence.

Callie had her own share of personal problems in the story. And guess what? She is one of the most popular girls in Endeavor High, they call themselves the I-Girls because their names supposedly all end in the letter "I". All but one, Callie.

Though their differences clash, Callie, Nia and Hal work together, breaking rules in the hopes of finding Amanda.


First off, I'm annoyed that they had the nerve to split this book into several series. That is totally scoring one on the business side in the book market. The price wasn't worth it. I bought it for 339pesos and finished it within 30hours tops. It is somewhat thin, having only 288pages!

I didn't even bother to check the website. We, readers, apparently can help finish the mystery that is Amanda Valentino.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE AMANDA! She is smart, carefree, confident, crazy, spontaneous, kind, friendly, every good thing a teenager should be! I love her mystery. I love her compassion and empathy for others. But as good a character they made out of Amanda, it was as bad and cliche-d they made of Callie. Her personal problems were a hit for me, but the popular girl thing is getting old.

I know the goal is to make the readers understand that whatever stereotype you're labeled into, it's OK to get together with as much kind of people you can. But authors should understand that the "belong-to-the-popular-group" thing is honestly, definitely getting old. It's misleading, they create this misconception that the popular cliques in a HS atmosphere are "initially" the best group you can get in. When in reality, there are A LOT OF UNIQUE and INTERESTING personalities in a High School besides the filthy rich brat packs.

There's SO many characters authors can play with, they shouldn't be scared of the idea that it's not gonna sell because seriously, weird, arcane and esoteric is the new fad.

Did it deliver? No, the book did not.

But Amanda, she definitely did!

P.S. I "just might" read the sequels for the sake of maybe it gets better AND that for my love for Amanda.


Shooting Stars Mag | June 11, 2012 at 10:35 PM

Sorry this didn't really work for you. I remember really enjoying the book, and yes, Amanda is super fascinating! I'm curious to check out the series.


Loraine | June 13, 2012 at 3:03 PM

Yeah, wasn't that satisfied but I enjoyed it anyway. Thanks for taking the time to read :) and I'm just as curious either ways.

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