Paper Towns by John Green

This is the last book my mom bought for me before she went home to Canada to work. It was the last copy in bestsellers at SM Center. I really had to have it! I'm spoiled like that.

The main characters of this story is Quentin Jacobsen and Margo Roth Speigelman. They have been both neighbors and friends since they were 2-years-old. But then the times have changed and Margo became "the Margo" who was too cool and unreachable and became just acquaintances with Quentin. While Quentin remained his geeky humble self , just a couple of  weeks before graduation, she(Margo) suddenly appeared on his window 9years after the last time they were friends.

Margo takes Quentin to this midnight adventure where he helps her fulfill her plotted revenge. They had the time of their lives and they just clicked together like no empty time has passed between them.

The next day, after the adventure, Margo didn't show up for school.

The Quentin who was very in-love with Margo had to look for her, find the clues she left...
before it's too late.


Though the characters were quite similar to that of Looking for Alaska, Paper Towns compromised in the story-line. The other characters like Ben and Radar were the supporting characters in this one, and gee, they give that dose of humor.

This book is worth the time and money spent. Felt nostalgic but I guess that's his(John Green) goal with all his open-ended novels where nothing's certain at the same time it's so definite that it actually makes sense when you don't want it to because you want a specific favorable ending.

Just amazing.

You almost wish you could live in that moment where they kiss and stare at each other for the last time(or is it?) and see how it goes on.


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